The problem of the 'Bulge' caused by the stirrup buckle can be very uncomfortable for the rider. Harry Dabbs has designed the new 'Comfort' buckle which reduces this annoyance. It has to be tried to feel the difference! 

Harry Dabbs Platinum Calf Stirrup Leathers - the problem of the buckle bulge can be very uncomfortable for the rider. The comfort buckle has a recessed pin bar which enables the buckle to lay flat against the stirrup bar reducing discomfort. This new curved buckle design is ingenious and not only reduces the unsightly damage caused by the conventional buckle it also helps the rider to obtain a more consistent closer contact with the horse for better riding aids. *Comfort Buckle with recessed pin for added comfort. *Made using the very finest Calf Leather with a Nylon Core to prevent stretching. *Stainless Steel Patented Buckle. *Non-Stretch 

 Eliminates the bulge in the skirt!  Will not stretch or rub your saddle flaps - perfect for calf hide saddles! Left & right handed leathers designed to slide onto the stirrup bar without stretching or pulling on the seam.


Available in 48, 54 & 60" Black & Havana

Autumn Gold in 54"& 60" (other sizes to order)

Harry Dabbs Platinum 'NO BULGE' calf Stirrup Leathers