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Our Saddles

Saddle4You has great pleasure in offering Aviar Saddles to New Zealand.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern and innovative technologies, Aviar is on a mission to redefine the saddle as we know it.

The passion and technique ingrained into each saddle has been gifted down from generation to generation. Distinctive yet understated, an Aviar Saddle is an expression of exclusivity. Innovations in materials and engineering, combined with pure sculptural forms provide the ultimate equestrian experience.


Based in Walsall, UK, the heart of the saddle industry, Aviar Saddles are fashioned from the highest quality hides, sourced from some of the best tanneries in Europe. The materials used are at the forefront of the design process from start to finish. Aviar’s handmade approach gives the saddles an artisanal finesse, that will stand the test of time.


Aviar - Saddle of choice for Charlotte Fry (World Champion, Team GB) and Gareth Hughes (Team GB).

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Aviar Saddles, however, this is combined with a passion for innovation. Aviar is home to features that have never been seen before in the equestrian community. State of the art technology married with a love for craft truly transforms the equestrian experience.

The fitting of the saddle is one of the most important stages when owning an Aviar. The close contact and heightened feedback when riding is our main priority, so the correct fit is essential.

Aviar have a number of models with tree's of differing shapes, a panel that clips off and is easy to change with panels offering different shapes which can be swapped out, together with an adjustable tree makes the saddle quite adaptable.

Aviar take pride in having a forward thinking and flexible approach to manufacturing. This enables their experienced and dedicated saddle makers to work closely with our qualified saddle fitters and customers to ensure the best possible saddle fit is achieved for both horse and rider.


Personalise your saddle

With a perfect fusion of modern technology and traditional methods, these saddles exude distinction. Each saddle is meticulously crafted by hand, guaranteeing its longevity. 

But why settle for ordinary? Elevate your style with Aviar's personalised options. Add a leather patent cantle insert or choose from coloured piping and stitching. Don't blend in with the crowd when you can stand out with your own unique look.


The perfect fit

The saddle tree is the inner skeleton of the saddle and forms a base onto which the leather is attached. The Aviar tree is very different! 

For over four years they have been developing a much more humane saddle tree. Aviar wanted to redevelop this major component to be better in every sense. For the rider, and for the horse. The Hyperflex™ Tree provides both lateral and horizontal flex for optimal movement and heightened feedback when riding your horse. They have completely redesigned the saddle’s skeleton by rethinking the shape and materials used to produce it. These trees are extremely lightweight, and designed anatomically.

Straight off the rack, they’re drastically more comfortable for you and your horse. This is due to its soft curves, new materials and lack of sharp edges. They can also be adjusted on-site, so no more long waits between adjustments.

Why use an anatomically designed tree?

  • On-site Adjustability

  • Lightweight Materials

  • Balanced Weight Distribution

  • Enhanced Feedback

  • Increased comfort

  • A kinder way to ride

  • Very light -weighing in at 5.8kg in total

The Aviar Click System™ makes fitting your horse easier than ever. The panels are modular, and make changing, altering or replacing the panels effortless with just a click. 

The Pressure Relief System works with the Anatomically Designed Tree to disperse the pressure of the rider evenly on the horse. This also creates a high level of feedback and comfort when riding, resulting in the ultimate connection between horse and rider. 

An unlimited number of panel shapes, and a completely adjustable tree means your saddle will be able to adapt and change to your horses evolving structure, resulting in the perfect fit.

tree 4_edited.jpg

To avoid unnecessary pain, distress and expense we strongly recommend that you use a qualified saddle fitter. Saddle4You believe that a saddle isn't something you just sit on, we view it as an important piece of performance equipment designed to encourage the best possible connection between you and your horse. Harmony is the key to a good relationship; this can only be established if you choose the right saddle for you, your horse and the intended discipline.

Aviar range of saddles

Rook 2.5

Modifications to the seat allow for a deeper, more close feeling with your horse. A relaxed cantle allows the rider increased movement and adjustability in position.

Rook 3

Working from the success of the original Rook series, the 3.0 has a narrow twist, with a slim profile. this model works well on the wider horses with low to moderately  withered horses.

Ravuun 2

Providing a deep, broad seat with a relaxed cantle. With an open pommel, it is an excellent choice for average to higher withered horses. Suits TB & TB cross etc.

Saddle4You have the pleasure of offering to New Zealand riders Aviar's sister brand - Envy, the new ready-to-ride saddle brand. ​

Providing all the state-of-the-art features at a friendlier price point.

You can experience technology and superb leather quality at an affordable price tag, due to Envy's set-specifications models and fast production line.

State of the art features

The Click System

Traditional saddles have panels stitched in by hand, which can be very time consuming for a saddle fitter to change, alter or replace. With a new hardware design, the Click System allows for the panels to click in and out effortlessly.

Available with all saddle models

Pressure Relief System

The Pressure Relief System (PRS) works with our redesigned tree to disperse the pressure of the rider evenly on the horse and to add stability. This also creates a high level of feedback and comfort when riding.

Available with all saddle models


Redesigned Tree

Our tree provides a flex for a higher freedom of movement and heightened feedback when riding your horse. We have completely redesigned the saddle’s tree by rethinking the shape and materials used to make it.


Great Quality Materials

The materials used in making our real leather models use hides from some of the best tanneries in Europe. Quality is super important to us, our saddles are made to last.

By building saddles in a more efficient way, keeping design options limited, and creating set specifications, Envy are able to include some of of the amazing features found on luxury saddles, at a more accessible price.

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