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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true some makes of saddles just won't fit some types of horses?

Yes, absolutely. You may like the look, style and colour of a particular saddle but we ask you to keep an open mind. It is important to find the right saddle for you, your horse and what is suitable for your type of riding. We will help you find that perfect saddle.

Are there any particular saddle brands that are more suitable for certain types of horses?

Yes, most certainly. But, what is really important is that you get the correct shaped tree for your horse's back. Many saddle manufacturers use a standard tree and this shape only fits a certain type of horse well, so that's where difficulties can creep in. This ends up with shim pads, blocking saddles up to try to stabilise them. Never a perfect solution as the saddle will still want to move according to its shape. We will help you find the right saddle for you without compromising the form or function of the saddle or risk causing harm to your horse.

Why can't I just order any saddle I like from your range and have it delivered?

It is important that we help you find the right saddle that will fit you, your horse and is suitable for your type of riding.

How long will it take for my saddle to arrive?

Custom made saddles take 6 – 8 weeks to manufacture. Delivery is approximately 8 – 10 days to us. Then we can arrange delivery to you!

Can you sell my saddle on my behalf?

Yes we can! Depending on saddle, condition etc. We charge 15% commission on values up to $3000, then above that 10% on the remainder. Your saddle will need to be sent to us for evaluation and pricing.

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