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Harry Dabbs Saddles Saddle4You


from just a few of our many happy customers

I’m the extremely proud owner of the best saddle in the world! I’m really fussy about saddles and I LOVE it!! … Felt so comfy and balanced in it right from the start even when Dale was bucking and spinning (feeling rather fresh!!) I was balanced with him the whole time! I can’t wait till it’s broken in enough to have a jump!

Fantastic service. Sue helped me find a saddle after nearly 3 months of searching through a saddle fitter. I highly recommend this company and wish Sue all the best.

Couldn’t be more in love and impressed with Henry’s new saddle. The difference in his way of going in two rides is unbelievable, he is using his back, not stumbling, saddle is actually staying where I put it and it’s super comfy.


If anyone has a stocky type horse with a huge shoulder look no further than Saddle4You, Sue has Harry Dabbs saddles and they are amazing with their “Future” panels and wool flocking. They are actually affordable for your every day riders too! No need to mortgage the farm for one of these !!

Hi Sue, Just letting you know that (Harry Dabbs Avant Jump) saddle is going great - you were correct that once I got my stirrups up and got jumping it was fine. The saddle is fitting very evenly with a perfect sweat mark on his blanket. I feel balanced and feel like I can sit up well before a fence as I tend to have a habit of leaning forward which is exaggerated in some saddles.

Buying saddles can be a very stressful job as you take a risk in buying something sight unseen and not being able to try them out before you purchase them. I stumbled across Saddles4You when I was searching Albion Jumping saddles on Google. What impressed me was the ability to purchase a saddle after a three day trial which is a great idea. Sue sourced me a lovely 18 inch Albion Wide K2 jump saddle that had a waiting list for people to try. Sue couriered the saddle on Wednesday and it arrived in Taupo on Thursday.

I was able to try it on my three horses over the weekend and it fitted two well. It is in great condition and very comfortable. I have now requested another Albion jump saddle to be sourced to replace my Stubben Saddle as they are very good fitting for tall riders.

I am very impressed with the personal service and advise that Sue gave me, and purchasing this saddle was a very pleasant experience. Totally recommend to anyone who is looking for a saddle to use Sue as it takes a lot of risk away from purchasing the saddles.

Thanks Sue for the great service and saddle you have sourced for me.

Sue, thanks for being so helpful and accomodating. It transformed what would have been weeks of contacting people, picking up, trying and posting back saddles into a simple afternoon of trying one saddle after the other. I found this way of comparing much better than trying each one separately as I was able to just keep narrowing down the selection and re-try the ones I liked so I could make a decision on the spot rather than having to remember how each one felt.

I am thrilled with my new Harry Dabbs Dressage Saddle, I couldn't believe that custom made was so easy and affordable! It arrived on time and fitted like a glove and the workmanship truly superb.


The real bonus is the straight position it puts me in - far more balanced and stable from the first ride! Horse and I are very happy - a saddle that works for both of us! Thanks so much!

Just been delivered our Stunning new Saddle , just Love it , thank you so much , we just couldn't stop grinning lol!

As a young rider producing a young thoroughbred horse for eventing, having a saddle that met both mine and my horses needs was of high importance. I was having issues finding a saddle to fit my horse and had tried many options.

I required a jumping saddle fitted to a sensitive mare, who did not fit standard saddle shapes and cuts. Saddles4You provided me with many alternative, different styles, shapes and brands of saddles. Sue gave me with advice and a range of opinions on finding the best saddle to fit my horses and my needs as a rider. Sue has been honest and helpful throughout the saddle fitting process.

Ordering my custom saddle through Sue has been easy and positive. Sue kept me informed on the progress of the saddle. Saddle4You's service was priced fairly for the quality of service provided. I highly recommend this saddle service to others as Sue was easy to work with and she aimed to fit a saddle for your horses and your specific needs. Sue was highly generous and I will be using Saddle4You's service again when trying to find the perfect saddle for my horses.

The saddle arrived and fitted like a glove, we have had it for two years now and haven't had to have it adjusted or repacked. You often hear people say, oh my saddle fits everything!, which I never believed, until this saddle arrived. It actually does seem to fit everything, I have been so rapt with it, I have had 6 friends try it and they have all gone an ordered new saddles from Sue and like me have been rapt with the products quality, fit and price.

We have since ordered a jump saddle for my daughters new hack, and it has arrived and also fits like a glove.

Sue is great to deal with, extremely honest and approachable.

I used Sue at Saddles4You after buying saddles on TradeMe that did not fit or I could not try. I live in Nelson so getting saddles is not the easiest. I talked with Sue, sent photos of my old very high withered mare. Sue immediately sent me three saddles.


I was thrilled to buy an Albion K2 from her that fit my horse well. I was also able to trade my jumping saddle that was in good condition but did not fit so well. I already have friends asking to try my new saddle.


Thank you, Sue, for a fantastic service. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

I am loving my new saddle - Thank you so much for making buying a saddle so easy!

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