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Our Saddles

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At Saddle4You we are honoured to be able to supply the superb Harry Dabbs saddles in New Zealand.

Harry Dabbs have been designing and making exceptional saddles to suit all disciplines and the majority of breed types for over 40 years.  Based in Walsall, UK, the heart of the saddle industry, their skilled craftsmen combine modern technology with traditional handmade methods to produce saddles of outstanding design, fit and quality.

As the demand for 'made to fit' saddles rapidly increases, Harry Dabbs Saddles have the knowledge and experience to capture all the features that make a truly great saddle to provide you the opportunity to have a 'made to fit' saddle. 

Harry Dabbs Saddles

Saddle4You and Harry Dabbs take pride in having a forward thinking and flexible approach to manufacturing. This enables their experienced and dedicated saddle makers to work closely with our qualified saddle fitters and customers to ensure the best possible saddle fit is achieved for both horse and rider.

Jeffries Saddles
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We also have the Jeffries range of saddles available. Jeffries have been acquired by Harry Dabbs Saddlemakers and provide the same quality craftsmanship you can expect from a Harry Dabbs saddle.

Personalise your saddle

With a perfect fusion of modern technology and traditional methods, these saddles exude distinction. Each saddle is meticulously crafted by hand, guaranteeing its longevity.  Our traditionally sprung saddle trees are also guaranteed for life.

But why settle for ordinary? Elevate your style with our personalised options. Add a leather patent cantle insert or choose from coloured piping and stitching. Don't blend in with the crowd when you can stand out with your own unique look.

Harry Dabbs Saddles Saddle4You New Zealand

The perfect fit

The saddle tree is the inner skeleton of the saddle and forms a base onto which the leather is attached. All of the trees manufactured in the tree shop at Harry Dabbs are constructed from 5 to 7 layers of plywood sourced from Finland. This is high quality grade of plywood which is laminated together using glue and heat, whilst securely held in a mould to create the desired shape. The tree is reinforced with metal strips around its full length; then heat toughened head plates and stirrup bars are added. The metal is hand riveted onto the wood.

By using wood trees production remains very flexible and alterations can be made, unlike plastic trees which are very fixed and static once the moulds are made. The next stage involves making the seat; this is formed by straining the tree. This process is done by adding nylon web which is stretched lengthways and across the tree to form the seat shape.

The gradient of the slope at both the front and the back effectively decides where the rider will sit; this is highlighted in a deep seat where the cantle is higher. The position is crucial to putting the rider over the central movement of the horse. Once the nylon web has been strained the next stage is to apply the foam, cut this to shape, add the leather and stretch over the tree to form the seat.

The skirts (piece of leather which covers the stirrup bars) are marked, stitched, pulled back over the tree to give the finished seat. Following the construction of the seat, the Harry Dabbs skilled craftsman add the sweat flaps and outer flaps, apply the girth straps* and complete with required knee/thigh blocks. Finally the panels are cut, machined, flocked, covered in leather and hand stitched before being laced onto the tree. At Harry Dabbs we have a forward thinking and flexible approach to manufacturing. Throughout each stage our saddles receive stringent quality checks.

Adjustments can be made at every stage of the construction process to ensure your saddle is the perfect fit for you and your horse.

To avoid unnecessary pain, distress and expense we strongly recommend that you use a qualified saddle fitter. Saddle4You and Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers believe that a saddle isn't something you just sit on, we view it as an important piece of performance equipment designed to encourage the best possible connection between you and your horse. Harmony is the key to a good relationship; this can only be established if you choose the right saddle for you, your horse and the intended discipline.

Range of saddles

Platinum Collection

Saddles from this premier league brand feature the Performance panel, a choice of trees and are finished with the finest Italian calf leather chosen for its strength, comfort and looks and are fully customisable.

Original Collection

As with the Platinum range these saddles feature the same high standards of the Platinum range and are fitted with the Performance panel. There is a choice of leather types including and have some custom options.

Classic Collection

Saddles from the classic collection feature a traditional English ‘gusseted’ panel instead of the Harry Dabbs performance panel.

'TreeClix' Tree Change System

Now available on all new saddles from Harry Dabbs and can be retro fitted - a fantastic option!

At Harry Dabbs we embrace traditional manufacturing methods but also welcome the use of modern technology. TreeClix is an innovative new concept supported by Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers that enables saddle fitters to alter the width of laminated wooden trees, with ease.

How does it work?

The base of a TreeClix is fitted onto the tree points during the saddle manufacturing process. From this, saddle fitters can attach the purpose built wedges (available in 5mm increments) to adjust the width of the saddle .

Why use TreeClix?

  • No risk of breaking rivets or the head plate during adjustment 

  • Maintains the angle and space provided by the tree head.

  • Tree can be narrowed or widened by up to 2 width fittings.

  • Allows for muscle development and maturity.

  • Easy to fit (by a saddle fitter) without the use of heat or pressure.

  • 7 size wedges available in 5mm increments.

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Tree Clix
Tree Clix Wedges
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