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Harry Dabbs Saddles Saddle4You

Saddle4You Trial Policy

Saddle4You understands that you need to try the saddle before you buy it to ensure it fits both horse and rider comfortably. In order to accommodate this, it is important to Saddle4You that you assume responsibility for the saddles condition and safe keeping. For most saddles a 3 day trial is the maximum. However, if you require the saddle for longer you must contact Saddle4You to arrange an extension. Failure to do so will incur a 5% charge, due to some customers not returning saddles promptly.

Terms & Conditions

Clients requesting trials are assumed to have read & understood these conditions and a copy will be enclosed with the saddle for your information.

  1. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SAFE KEEPING OF THE SADDLE UNTIL IT IS SAFELY DELIVERED BACK TO US. If saddle is lost, stolen or broken, the full purchase price will be the responsibility of Trial Client. If saddle is damaged or blemished, depreciation cost of damage or blemish or repair cost will be charged whichever is less (Minimum 10%).

  2. THE CUSTOMER HAS 3 DAYS FROM RECEIPT OF SADDLE TO DECIDE IF THEY ARE KEEPING SADDLE OR EXCHANGING OR RETURNING THE SADDLE. Trial Client may keep a saddle/s on trial for up to three (3) days from the day it is delivered. Upon completion of the 3-day trial, Trial Client must notify Saddle4you if the saddle is to be kept or returned. On the fourth day, saddle/s becomes property of the Trial Client and no returns for any reason will be accepted if we have not been notified. There are no exceptions made, unless made prior to trial in writing from Saddle4You. If Trial Client elects to keep the saddle, payment is required by bank transfer or cash within 2 days of completion of trial. Paypal or Credit Card payments are accepted but will incur a 3.5% levy to cover charges. If payment is not received credit card will be charged including the 3.5% levy.

    PLEASE NOTE! A trial period includes time for you to have the saddle fitted by your saddle fitter please dont arrange to trial a saddle & then arrange your fitter this could take time to organise please book fitting appointments to coincide with delivery of your trial saddle we dont want for you to have to return the saddle to us because your chosen fitter cant come for a week then have to send it out to you again J We try to keep our costs to a minimum so that we can offer a good level of service - & not charge trial fees. We rely on our customers to be mindful of our terms to help us to keep our service this way. We rarely have to make late return charges etc, but it inevitably does happen - our level of service is of importance to us & happy customers are our aim.

  3. ALL SADDLES MUST BE RETURNED IN THE EXACT SAME CONDITION AS IT LEFT US. There may be surcharges applied for damage and cleaning. Please ONLY clean with warm water and a soft cloth. Do not use any dressings or abrasive cloths or pads. 

  4. AFTER EACH USE OF THE SADDLE ALL GIRTHS & STIRRUPS MUST BE REMOVED. Please hang stirrup leathers under the flap.

  5. ANY SADDLE RETURNED WITH EXCESSIVE WEAR ON THE FLAPS, SCRATCHES IN THE LEATHER OR DENTS, MARKS TO ANY PART OF THE SADDLE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ASSESSED A MINIMUM 10% SURCHARGE OF THE SADDLES VALUE. If these are significant in our view and will significantly affect the subsequent sale of the saddle, the full purchase price will be charged and the saddle will become the property of the trialee.

  6. IF WE DO NOT HEAR FROM THE CUSTOMER WITHIN THE THREE DAYS  (unless otherwise agreed – weekends included) full payment will be taken from the card on the 4th day. In the event of you then contacting us and the saddles being returned we will only refund the balance less 10% for the charges we incur. If we are unable to collect payment client will be forwarded to Collection Agency for collection, plus costs.

    ANY SADDLE(S) BEING RETURNED THAT IS NOT RETURNED TO US WITHIN 6 DAYS OF RECEIPT (8 days North Island) will be charged a 5% late return fee, as we usually have a list of people wanting to try saddles. Any saddle being returned after agreement to buy without notification & agreement from us in writing will be charged for in full and returned to you at your cost. If you are not going to keep the saddle please return it as promptly as possible to be fair to everyone. Late return fees will be charged to your credit card plus 3.5% for fees. Please ensure you return saddles by a prompt courier usually this takes 1-2 days not snail post taking a week or more!

  7. ALL SECONDHAND SADDLES ARE SOLD AS SEEN. They will all have wear and tear of some kind! Please ensure that you have checked the saddle over and are happy with the condition before you buy as sales are final. We always endevour to describe accurately according to our condition rating, but do not list every blemish. Our 3 day trial period is sufficient to allow this to be completed at your leisure. We do not guarantee the fit of any saddle. Sometimes saddles are not stamped with gullet sizing or tree size and sometimes they may have been altered. We endevour to describe as accurately as possible the size of the seat and gullet in comparison with similar models, however we will not be responsible for differing sizing as every saddle fits differently due to packing changes, the shape of horse it was used on previously, pressure on trees, seat shape etc.

  8. AFTER A SADDLE IS SOLD IT IS EXPECTED THAT YOU HAVE SATISFIED YOURSELF AS TO THE FIT.  Saddles cannot be returned if you then decide it doesn't fit, or is a different size.

    PLEASE NOTE! We are unable to supply a saddle if you cannot pay for it, for example if we are selling your old saddle for you. Please be prepared to purchase your new saddle or arrange funds to pay for it as it is impossible to say how long it will take to sell yours. Some saddles are for sale on behalf and it is not appropriate to expect that person to wait for their sale proceeds until your saddle sells. (The only alternative to this is if we part exchange your saddle against the new one.)

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