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Harry Dabbs - Mariella Platinum Saddle

The sublime Harry Dabbs "Mariella" is distinctive & unique in that it features premium goat leather, known for its durability and suppleness due to its natural lanolin content. Dont be deceived by the competitive price, this truly is a top of the range saddle, hand made by some of the best award winning English saddlemakers in the world! 


Firstly for the horse:


  • Made on a selection of trees chosen to fit your horse the best it can be
  • Panel design and shape to suit the needs of your horse
  • Softest wool flock for ultimate contact
  • Unique space for absolute shoulder freedom and lift through the wither
  • Channel width to suit the width of your horses spine
  • Performance panel to remove any pressure to the lumber region - no gussety panel to dig in!
  • Girthing strap positioning to suit your horse

Then the Rider:

  • Choice of twist to suit narrow or wider pelvis
  • Choice of extra padded comfort seat
  • Add your own customisations with a splash of colour or texture to create your individual saddle at no extra cost. 
  • Choice of flap length - to suit the shortest or tallest rider, 
  • Flap and block angle to suit your leg


The Mariella Pro:
The "Mariella Pro" is not just about the horse... The "Pro" seat is available as an option and has been designed to support your position. It encourages you to engage your core and tilt your pelvis into the optimum position allowing flexibility in your lower back and a balanced position making riding the biggest moving warmbloods easier. The "Pro" seat is a designed for the serious dressage rider! This is the model I ride in & its absolutely amazing! Feedback is incredible - from both horse & rider perspective. 

The deep seat and well placed medium size knee rolls provide maximum support and comfort while allowing the rider the freedom to execute correct and effective aids.

This saddle truly is one of the best on the market, being used by both our top level riders and grass roots riders.


AVAILABLE IN PLATINUM. Base price $ 7430 - Pro seat / comfort seat option $7932

Harry Dabbs - Mariella Platinum Saddle

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