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Harry Dabbs - Evolution Dressage Saddle

The exquisite Evolution Dresage saddle from Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers delivers on both style and substance. Designed to support the rider's leg and the application of effective aids. The Evolution also gives the rider better freedom to move through their body.

The postioning of the block is such that it provides effective support to the thigh, without impeding the rider's movement, keeping the knee free of pressure and supporting the rider in applying effective aids to the horse.

Avaialable in a range of tree sizes and custom options.
Aside from the show-stopping Swarovski cantle and rose gold loop detailing, what else is there to love about this Evolution saddle?

  • Height of block supports the thigh without blocking the rider.
  • Keeps the knee free of pressure, enabling the rider to apply effective aids.
  • Allows the rider to move freely through their body.


Available on a selection of trees . More photos to come!


Available to custom order. From $5750

Harry Dabbs - Evolution Dressage Saddle

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