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Harry Dabbs Ergonomic Long Waffle Girth

Harry Dabbs Platinum Curved Waffle Girth 

Waffle girth which encourages air flow and prevents chaffingwith Triple Cross Over Elastic.

The Triple Cross Over Elastic systems allow the horse’s rib cage to expand and contract as it breathes and exerts its self whilst preventing the girth being over tightened due to too much elasticity.Waffle Girth encourages air flow and prevents chaffing and rubbing

Main features:

-Fabric encourages airflow

-Fitted with Triple Crossover elastic at both ends

-Fitted with non rust roller buckles for easy adjustment

THis girth has had many 'Highly Recommended' awards in UK magazines & is a high quality girth.

This editorial was written by endurance rider Linda Cowperthwaite (World no 1 horse/rider combination) from team H endurance.

What to expect from a girth & Endurance??
For many years the type of girth used didn’t really get much thought, the saddle is given many hours but the girth not so. Just as long as the girth fit and didn’t rub. If we were doing a big distance I’d use a girth sleeve. Always looking for improvements I started to question- Why use a girth sleeve? 
• Is it to prevent the girth rubbing?
• To add extra comfort over the extra distance?
If this is the case surely I’d want comfort and any eliminate any potential rubbing every time I rode the horse. Endless internet searches and tack shop digging and eventually I chose the Harry Dabbs Waffle Girth for a number of reasons;
• I really liked the nice curved elbow shaped to prevent chaffing.
• The Waffle material is soft feeling and also encourages air flow. I noticed a less sweaty area than when I had used the sheepskin girth sleeve. The waffle material is easily wiped clean. Ideal to use on multiple horses and in the vet gates. It’s like a new girth for every loop 
• The triple cross over elastic at both ends of the girth. To provide the flexibility and extra comfort for the horse as the ribcage moves and expands during exercise. 
• Well-made and excellent strong stitching. Built in training aid loops which include a central Dee ring for breastplate attachment.
• Great value for money as it comes in at around £45.

 Non rust stainless steel roller buckles. Ideal for easily tightening up the girth once on board especially on a fidgety horse
Team H endurance have been really impressed with the Harry Dabbs Waffle Girth this season. We have now 3 in total in various sizes. Easily wiped clean after every use, so no worries about cross contamination or sore sensitive girth areas and the added bonus of no loss of the girth loop attachments in the vet gate any more. 
I can highly recommend the Harry Dabbs Waffle Curved Girth. It comes in Black or Havana, in standard in 2” increments and in Dressage type. 


Harry Dabbs Ergonomic Long Waffle Girth

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