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Carl Hester Fantastic Elastic Reins

Carl Hester's Fantastic Elastic Reins

Designed by the Olympic Gold Medalist to give an elastic feel from the hand to the horses mouth.

“As a rider and trainer my constant quest is to connect horse and rider with the ultimate ‘elastic’ feel, these reins do exactly that” - Carl Hester.

Designed to help the rider create an independent hand with a soft and forward contact. Riding on the elastic contact will show the rider their hand is forward and not pulling back and they are not 'hanging' on the reins.When a half halt, directional aid or correction is made the leather will momentarily straighten, as the rider rewards and puts their hand forward again the soft elastic contact will be resumed. The soft contact helps eliminate resistance in the mouth.

Horse size only in black or brown, made from top quality British leather, the dressage rein has a rubber grip on the inside.


Carl Hester Fantastic Elastic Reins

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