At Harry Dabbs we embrace traditional manufacturing methods but also welcome the use of modern technology which is why we are excited to introduce ‘TreeClix’. TreeClix is an innovative new concept supported by Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers that enables saddle fitters to alter the width of laminated wooden trees, with ease.

How does it work? The base of a TreeClix is fitted onto the tree points during the saddle manufacturing process. From this, saddle fitters can attach the purpose built wedges (available in 5mm increments) to adjust the width of the saddle .



Why use TreeClix?

• Maintains the angle and space provided by the tree head.
• Tree can be narrowed or widened by up to 2 width fitis.
• Allows for muscle development and maturity.
• Easy to fit (by a saddle fitter) without the use of heat or pressure.
• 7 size wedges available in 5mm increments.

Please note TreeClix can only be added to NEW saddles from Harry Dabbs. 

Ask for TreeClix now when you order your new saddle!

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