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Harry Dabbs - Franzi 3000 Platinum Dressage

The Franzi 3000 was made for one of our clients who wanted a combination of a number of features from different models!

Made with a deep seat and very supportive knee blocks to 'lock you in' in premium Italian calf leather, on a choice of trees.

The Franzi 3000 has been made for a tiny lady rider and also a long legged gentleman and with a choice of flap angles and lengths has accommodated both riders perfectly.

Franzi says:

'I highly recommend Harry Dabbs and Saddle4you. I have spent my life on four legs & am very specific in my requirements.

The need arose, and after extensively searching for a new saddle, the technology behind this brand stood out - the result was a saddle which exceeded my expectations.

Another level of synergy with my horse was unlocked, furthermore, I am so impressed to find it unexpectedly fitting ‘glove like’ to so many horses & riders that come through our centre. This saddle has raised the bar!'

Harry Dabbs - Franzi 3000 Platinum Dressage

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