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Comfort Connect Reins

We are so excited to bring to you some of the fabulous products being made by Correct Connect! I have been busy trialing all of the products we will be stocking and can order any others


Firstly my favourite! These reins are seriously a game changer! So easy to hold without gripping, the pads are so comfy for older or athritically challenged hands! NO MORE SLIPPING REINS!

We have a full size (54") available now in black and brown, but other sizes and colours can be pre- ordered for the next shipment. I use the 54" on my 16.2h horse with plenty of rein length. 


The most comfortable rein with padding to support your grip!  So easy to hold and easy to adjust with just a little "squish" and more surface area to hold onto for better comfort and a better connection!  Pads are 3 inches long and 1.5 inches apart for easy adjustability.  Very popular with our riders with achy and weak hands! 

Comfort Connect Reins

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