Harry Dabbs Saddles
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Here at Saddle4you we are honoured to be able to present the Harry Dabbs saddles in New Zealand and supply this superb range to fit your horse - the best quality for amazing value! Dont be fooled by our competitive prices, these are set to give NZ riders the best quality saddle for a fabulous price.


We have been making 'made to fit' Dressage,  Jump and GP saddles for over 16 years here in New Zealand -  Their popularity in NZ and Australia is increasing rapidly as the reputation particularly for fit, grows!

Harry Dabbs have been designers & producers of some of the industry leading saddles for over 40 years. They have the knowledge & experience gained to capture all the features that make a truly great saddle & combined them to bring you the Harry Dabbs Collection. 

A Great Saddle starts with the tree.

Selecting the right tree can be a complex task & is best left to a qualified saddle fitter. However when thinking about the correct fit for your horse, it is worth noting that there are many tree points to consider. 


​The correct width is naturally high on the list but so is the shape of the tree head, the height and angle of the rails and the flatness from the front to the back, all of which can make a HUGE difference in creating the perfect fit for your horse. 


Harry Dabbs offer a choice of 7 Dressage trees, 5 jump trees & 4 GP trees. When combined with our flexible manufacturing approach the selection of saddles is huge. If one of those isnt perfect than we can make one that is!


It is essential that the right tree is chosen for the shape of your horse, wool flocking can reduce pressure when the wrong tree is selected however over time even the smallest amount of pressure will build causing unnecessary discomfort and pain. Buying an off the peg saddle does not allow you to see and check the shape of the tree on the horse - this is one of the biggest issues in correctly fitting a saddle.

When purchasing a new saddle we believe you should expect it to improve the performance of both horse and rider. Harmony is the key to a good and long lasting relationship; we can help you establish this by choosing the right saddle to suit you, your horse and discipline.

The Panel fit.

Harry Dabbs have been designing and making exceptional saddles to suit the majority of breed types for over 40 years.  Based in Walsall, the heart of the saddle industry, our skilled craftsmen combine modern technology with traditional methods producing saddles of outstanding design, fit and quality.

Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers are known worldwide for their production of quality saddles for all disciplines, many of the models feature our popular Performance Panel. This distinctive panel gently leaves the back of the horse a fraction sooner keeping the lumbar region free enabling the horse to move more freely.  The panels also free up the trapezius muscle in the shoulder area, to aid fore limb movement. Harry Dabbs saddles are pieces of technical sporting equipment designed to aid your qualities as a rider.

All of our saddles are manufactured using traditional wooden laminated spring trees. These are manufactured in house and are guaranteed for the life of the saddle. *See our 'Saddle trees and Panels' page for more info. Because we manufacture our own trees this provides us with full quality control and an exceptionally open choice of designs.  We take pride in having a forward thinking and flexible approach to manufacturing. This enables our experienced and dedicated saddle makers to work closely with qualified saddle fitters and customers to ensure the best possible saddle fit is achieved for both horse and rider.